Whistler Bike Rentals

whistler-bike-rentals-240pxSpicy now only rents electric bikes. To book E-Bikes please follow the link below to book:

For all other categories of bike please we recommend whistlersports.com or email us at admin@whistlersports.com

Spicy Sports is a locally owned and operated store, right here in Whistler. During the summer season Spicy Sports offers E-Bike rentals.  Mountain bikes, Valley Bikes, Kids Bikes, Tandems and Trailers can all be rented through Whistler Sports Rentals.

Our bike rental fleet includes Electric Valley bikes for guests who just want to explore Whistler’s beautiful Valley Trail. Perfect for seeing the many lakes, and forests around Whistler.

We also carry Electric All-Mountain trail bikes for the more adventurous riders who want to try the famous single-track trails in Whistler. These are prefect for the blue and black trails in the Lost Lake Bike Park. Our Cross Country bikes are also suitable for the many trails on the Westside of the valley.