Welcome to Whistler.

Here we have an overview of Whistler, to help you plan for your trip. This guide should help you pack the right clothing and bring the correct equipment.

Whistler Village Weather

The average temperature in the village is -5oC (22oF) but can vary from +5 oC to -20 oC in the winter. When enjoying the Village stroll make sure to wear warm clothing and accessories. A toque, scarf and gloves are a great way to stay warm while taking in the sights and shopping throughout the Village. Be aware when walking around, the changing temperatures often create ice and make it slippery. If you are going out for dinner or need a safe ride home at the end of the night it is a great idea to call a taxi. Also when walking around in your ski boots a pair of Cat Tracks clipped onto the sole of the boot will help stop you slipping over (they cost about $25 in-shop).

Mid-Mountain Weather

For developing and beginner skiers who may take lessons around mid mountain, prepare for changing weather conditions. Before heading up the mountain, ask at a local ski shop what the weather conditions are for that day. It is best to plan what to wear after obtaining that knowledge. Always wear at least one to two base layers underneath your jacket. We recommend taking up a thin facemask/neck warmer in your pocket, so you can quickly put it on in case the temperature drops rapidly or it starts snowing. The temperatures at mid mountain can vary between -5oC to -20oC. Neck warmers are priced from $8 upwards but can make a big difference to your comfort on the mountain.

Whistler Alpine Weather

All you keeners, early riser and powder enthusiasts that want to get up to the top of the mountain and shred the biggest lines from the highest peaks possible, remember the same mountain weather conditions apply. The temperature at the peak of the mountain can be twenty degrees colder than in the Village. Plan for this extreme weather and your day will be much better when you’re getting all those epic turns. If the alpine does not open first thing in the morning, don’t go wait in the peak chair line up with the rest of them, go for a couple runs and get the legs moving. Don’t get me wrong though, when the alpine is going to open, making that call to wait in a line at peak chair, harmony, seventh heaven and glacier ridge could be all you talk about with your friends for weeks to come. A pair of liners inside your regular glove will keep your fingers warm, and a balaclava will help keep the alpine wind out.

We prepared this section to help you make the most of your time in the mountains, as winter weather can be extreme… but it is always extremely fun!