Whistler's tuning service Technology

Wintersteiger Jupiter:

  • A fully automated machine offering complete base grinding and ceramic edge finishing. It features state-of-the-art V-Edge technology to taper edge angles, improving edge hold while ensuring easy release.
  • Provides comprehensive tuning services including base grinding and advanced edge finishing.

Wintersteiger Omega SBI:

  • Is a fully manual machine that offers Belting, base grinding and also side edging. We use this to address imperfections in skis or snowboards, allowing for fine adjustments before processing through the Wintersteiger Jupiter.

Wintersteiger Wax Future:

  • An automated machine offering a modernized waxing process, replacing traditional methods with infrared technology for even heat distribution and clean wax embedding into the base.

Wintersteiger WaxJet:

  • Designed for guests needing quick waxing services, particularly for week-long trips.
  • Provides a convenient option for guests seeking fast waxing services, delivering a buff wax for general maintenance.

Wintersteiger Speedtronic Pro:

  • The Wintersteiger Speedtronic Pro is a vital tool for ski safety.
  •  It ensures that bindings correctly hold and release when necessary. This is crucial for preventing injuries on the slopes, providing peace of mind for skiers of all levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.


These new additions collectively enhance the tuning services offered at the Spicy Sports Tuning Centre, providing advanced technology and efficient solutions for maintaining and optimizing ski and snowboard equipment.