Sport Ski and Snowboard

Whistler Ski Rentals

Here at Spicy, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior standard of equipment, ensuring the best ski rental experience on the slopes.

Our Sports equipment is suitable for both novice explorers and seasoned enthusiasts. Through our partnerships with esteemed brands such as Elan Skis and K2 Snowboards, we guarantee unparalleled reliability and performance, empowering guests of all skill levels to conquer the mountains with confidence and style.

Complemented by our team of certified technicians, we prioritize friendly customer service, meticulously attending to every detail to achieve the perfect fit and optimum performance for each guest.

Experience the flexibility with our seamless equipment upgrade options, allowing for a transition to High Performance gear or the exploration of new possibilities throughout your visit. Our steadfast commitment to providing top-tier rental gear at competitive rates reflects our dedication to facilitating the best ski and snowboards at an affordable price.

Elevate your skiing and snowboarding adventures and book for your rental needs at Spicy Sports.




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